Why are you not donating money in returns like what others are doing?
To us, donating money back to hair donors' pledge card would be as good as trading.

We are not making any profit out of this project; in fact, all the funds used for making the wigs are from our own saving, or from our kind sponsors (personal friends), therefore every penny counts. Hence, donating money back to hair donors is not possible.

Why are you not providing FREE haircut for those who wish to donate their hair?
As mentioned, this is not a profit making project, we cannot afford to pay for your haircut. Unless you wouldn't mind having a bad haircut.

As for why other parties are able to donate money back to hair donors, and provide free haircut, you will have to find out yourself. Hope the public would understand and make their own judgement.


Why hair need to be wash and dry before cut?
Hair received will be made directly into a wig, and will not be chemically washed like what other organisation did. Therefore, cleanliness is very important.

Moist hair promote fungus and mildew smell especially in this humid weather. Therefore hair must be dry before cutting. If you think that blow drying a cut ponytail will do the trick, then you are wrong.

What is the minimum length to donate?
The minimum length required is 10 inches.

Is there a maximum length to donate?
No, there is no maximum length to donate.

How much hair is needed to make one wig?
Depending on the amount of hair a donor donated. On average, at least 3 donors hair is required for a wig.

How long does it take for my hair to be selected?
It’s all depends on the length, colour and amount of hair you donated, and the requirement for our wig.

Would I get to see the completed wig?
Yes, donors in Singapore will get a chance to see the completed wig (unless otherwise stated). We would also email photos of the wig to hair donors.

Being anonymous, would I get to see the wig as well?
Yes! If you are in Singapore, special arrangement will be made even for donors who wish to remain anonymous (unless otherwise stated).

Since I choose to remain anonymous, would you know which ponytail belongs to me?
Every ponytails received will have a small label attached for our references.

Why isn't my name mentioned on the donor's page?
Your name will only be published after we received your hair donation. Just like you wouldn't be able to see your money in your bank account unless you have banked in your money.

I have long fringe, could I just donate my fringe?
Yes, as long as it's long enough and it meets the criteria.

What happened to those hair that could not be used?
We will contact the donor to have it returned (unless otherwise stated).

Why is there a six months grace for treated hair?
We received feedback that some cancer survivors can be allergy to some hair product and chemical used for hair treatment (colour, perm, re-bond, etc), hence the six months grace to allow more chemical to be waste away.

Who is paying for the wig?
Apart from us, we do have our personal friends, colleagues, hair donors and their family and friends sponsoring our wigs.

Do the recipients need to pay for the wigs?
No, wigs are donated to them.

Will donors get to know who will be receiving the wig.
As patients' identity is strictly confidential, we will not be able to know who will eventually receives the wig.

Do you accept wig donation?
No, but you can donate your used wig (in good condition) to NCCS or BCF.

Why do we need to include our mobile contact?
We had been played out many times in the past, having donors' contact can at least let us call if donor did not turn up.

Why can't collection be arranged via call / SMS / whatsapp since you have our contact number.
We only communicate via email as email received were tagged for recording and easy tracking of our collections.

As all of our volunteers have our day time job, we could not be calling or text-ing during our office hours.

90% of our email reply are at late nights. Even if you do not mind us calling or text-ing you late at night, we mind.

Why do you need photo of our ponytail?
Sending photo of your ponytail is not to prove that you have cut your hair, but for us to verify if your hair is acceptable. Hence, a clear, bright and sharp photo is needed help us to see your ponytails clearly before we could arrange for a collection.

Why do you reject donation when other organisation don't?
They do, just that you were not informed.