When all meet up

We had hair donors, recipient and volunteers gathered for one reason; donating of wigs.

And yes, all 30 wigs were donated to the wig bank of NCCS on Aug 24.

Thanks to everyone for your time and effort for making this happen!

... To be continued soon

It's all done

All wigs done and collected, including those from the first batch that had been sent for rework.  Photos of each individual wig will be posted soon.

Total cost for all 30 wigs is SGD 5400. Balance fund now is SGD 7908.59.

Wigs 2019 Batch 2, Batch 1 update

The second batches of hair were sent in a month ago when we were supposed to collect the previous batch (update on Batch 1 below). The wigs (16 of them) should be ready by next week or so.

Wigs 2019 Batch 1

So, we went to the wig maker about two weeks ago with these...

Aunty arranging bags of hair for photo taking...