Wigs 2021

We had sent some hair to the wig maker in September.

It was supposed to be ready in late November / early December, but due to the Safe Management Measures, the completion date has been pushed back.

More updates coming.

Not yet

Many have written to us asking when will our hair donations resume. As of now, we are not able to answer.

For those who are new, and to refresh memories for some; We stopped accepting hair donations since 2017 to raise funds for making wigs. Without funds, donated hair would not be able to serve what they are meant for. 

Though we have not resumed our hair donations, we are still sending hair to the wig maker (look out for our next post). However, restrictions and measures are slowing down the wig maker. 

To help sponsor our wig, please go to give.asia/oku

Bye 2020

Last day of 2020, so a quick look back at what we have done this year.

This pandemic had caught everyone by surprise, and we are busier than usual just to stay alive.

We hope to resume our hair donations soon, as many had written to enquire, but our main focus is still to raise funds to make more wigs.

Our fundraising has been slow and just last month, Give Asia ended our campaign prematurely due to their system upgrade. They said they were not able to reconnect back their platform to the funding platform, so we would have to create a new campaign in order to receive funds.

Wig Y20-21

We have been making wigs. Our wigs are not just for cover, but an armour filled with love for warriors battling cancer. 

This wig is no exception. Except for this warrior is a 6-year-old princess. Let's gather all the love and wishes for this little princess.
Wig Y20-21
Donors: Krystal, Zhong Hou, Shin Jie, Chloe

Wigs update

Wig Y20-01 to Y20-20

These are the wigs donated to NCCS

Wig Y20-01
Donors: Hui Cheng, Cheryl, Ching Lian