Fundraising update

We started our first fundraising last November, hoping to raise enough fund for 50 wigs. That’s around SGD10,000. As of now, we have managed to raise over SGD8,000.

Here is the update of the amount we raised

Amount raised from Give Asia: SGD 3,125
Amount received after fee deduction: SGD 3,058.96
Offline donation SGD 5,585

Information on donations' detail can be found at the links below;

We will be starting to make the wigs soon while hoping to reach our targeted amount.

We would like to thank everyone who helped in the contribution of our fundraising.

Raising fund is never an easy task, especially for a small volunteer group like us. What are the difficulties we and other small volunteer groups faced? Watch to find out more.

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Fatima's shoutout

“... there is hair at this point but is really the lack of fund that holding so many patients back from getting the wig that they deserved.”
- Fatima