Minor updates and some points to note

Had some minor updated on this blog.

Donors' page has been updated with our latest donor, Sophia. Sophia donated 10 inches of hair yesterday. I may not post a post for every ponytail collected unless I have things to say, but the donors' page will always have the up-to-date list of donors.

Donors' name will only appear on the list upon receiving the hair. No name will be mentioned even you have contacted us with photo(s) of your hair.

Agnes' 13 inches

Photo courtesy of Agnes
Agnes donated her 13 inches ponytail Monday's evening. She actually contacted me earlier this month, but due to my other commitments, I am only able to meet up with her today.

Thanks Agnes and it was nice meeting you.

From Penang

Received 2 ponytails all the way from Penang, Malaysia today. Not through postal mail, but hand delivered by the donor herself.

Jeanne contacted me in early January and arrangement were made for today's meet up. Sharing my cause, Jeanne's friend Lily, also donated her 13 inches of hair. Jeanne's hair measures 14 inches and I think both ponytail could be used together.

Thanks Lily for donating your hair.

Thanks Jeanne for donating your hair and bringing both ponytails down today. And oh, your titbits too!

Further delay

Our 4th wig will be further delayed due to some issues at the manufacturer's side.

I was told this morning that talks with the workers are still ongoing, will be informed once everything is settled down.

I have the feeling that the cost of the wig might increase due to the current situation, but of course its best not to. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Donors of the selected ponytails has been informed.

Thanks Diana

Just a while ago, I received an email from Diana, our first hair donor from Mexico. She said that in this month's issue of Expat Living, there is an article on the make-over she did. Our blog was also mentioned in the article. I have placed the link below.

Thanks Diana for spreading the words!

My condolences

My heartfelt condolences to the family of Farah Diyanah Rosli. You will always be missed!

Email Reply to ...

Received an email today from someone asking if we sell the wigs we made or hair donor donate to cancer patients. No we don't, wigs made are donated, meaning free of charge.

I am sorry to reply your email here as I received the following error while replying your email to your email address you used.

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

xxxxxxx@yahoo.com (user name has been replaced)

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain yahoo.com by mta5.am0.yahoodns.net.

The error that the other server returned was:
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It's you!

Today's meet up is the nearest I have ever went; just the block beside where I am staying. And when we met, both of us had the same reaction, 'Its you!'.

Besides being neighbour, Iris was also my school mate, which I have never expected. Thanks Iris for donating your 10 inches ponytail.