Wig No. 3

Here are the shots I took this morning of our 3rd wig. The mannequin heads used isn't as 'friendly' as the one previously used, so it might not looks as nice as. Also, the lady seems to be rushing her work, so the wig was a little off too.

This wig was made from hair donated by Vanessa, Sapphire and Gloria. Thanks once again for donating your hair. I would also like to thank Christina for sponsoring part of the amount for this wig.

Making my last day of 2012 worth

I had a great day moving around the island meeting lovely people!

Went to collect our 3rd wig this morning. I was excited to see how the new wig would look like. Its prettier than I could imagine. Took a few shots before heading to work.

I was alone today to deliver the wig, as donors were not able to make it today. But at least one donor and her family managed to see the wig before it was being delivered to NCCS. Two ponytails were also collected today (more details soon). Thanks!

Have you done anything meaningful today?

Anonymous friend

Received a ponytail yesterday from a friend of mine who wished to remain anonymous. Thanks anonymous friend for your 13 inches ponytail. And not to worry it's long enough. =)

Finally its here!

Finally, our 3rd wig is ready after almost 2 months! I will be collecting next Monday morning and donating it the same afternoon.

Donors has been informed. They are also invited to join me to donate the wig.

Being anonymous

Some of you have asked; Would donors be able to get updates if they choose to remain as anonymous?
Yes donor will be informed when their hair is being used and special arrangement will be made for them to view the completed wig.

FAQ has been updated.

It's time to share

It's time to share this festive season, and Jessica had decided to share with us her beautiful locks. She donated her 21 inches of hair yesterday.

It takes years to grow and great time in taking care such length, so what makes Jessica decided to let go her twenty-one inches?

"I've always had long hair since young and so I thought I would like to try something new. It would really be a waste to just throw all that long hair that I have taken care for such a long time away, so I thought why not donate it?"

"Since I treasure my hair a lot, sometimes I think what if I was the one who was bald? And just the thought of it scares me. I felt that since my hair would still grow, I should share my hair with someone who needs it more, so that they will have the confidence and the will to fight their illness."

Thanks Jessica for sharing your hair and thoughts, we really appreciate your donation.

Photos courtesy of Jessica (2012).

A date worth remembering...

Today is 12/12/12, the last repeating-number date of the century. A date worth remembering especially for our new donor, who donated her 11 inches of hair. Thanks anonymous for donating your hair!

Thanks Keili (sing2heart)!


For those who have watched the video I posted on 'How to donate your hair', you would probably find the young lady in this video familiar. Yes, she is the same girl in the video I posted.

Keili (sing2heart) donated her hair once again and posted a video in August. On top of that, she also helps to promote my cause with a link to my site. A big thanks to her and I greatly appreciate that! Now more people will get to know about hair donation in Singapore.