Day 2

Day 2, managed to take some shots of our donors during the shave. They are; Jillia, Sharon and Joanna. Thank you all for your support. Will email you guys the photo when it's done.

The event might have ended, but it's just the beginning of our long journey. When will we be making our first wig for our first recipient? Hope soon!

Day 1

Today is day 1 of the event. Wasn't a good day to start with diarrhoea, but still it all ended well. Collected 3 ponytails from 3 donors; Josephine, Ween Sze and Grace. Thanks all for your support.


Please be informed that there will NOT be any booth to collect hair donation at the HfH event this weekend. If any shavees wish to donate their hair, please send us an email for an arrangement.


The propose of this project is not to go against Hair for Hope, but to have another option. Well, I am glad we have cleared some doubt at this point. Thanks to CCF and HFH team.