Lynn's and Sherlane's donation

Two other donors donated their hair this week; they are Lynn and Sherlane. The ponytails on the left belong to Lynn and it measure 11 inches.

This ponytail belongs to Sherlane. When I told her that her ponytail measures 19 inches, she doesn't seems to believe it. She said the hairdresser measured it and they thought it's only 10 inches. I guessed the stylist must be jealous of her long hair and wanted to cut it alloff. Haha! Photo of Sherlane's backview below, don't be jealous!

Thanks Lynn and Sherlane for taking time coming down to meet me and of course donating your hair.

Photo courtesy of Sherlane

Cutting her precious lock for a good cause

Susan had been asking around about hair donation in Singapore as she wanted to donate her daughter's hair. After gotten my contact from a local cancer organisation (I presumed it's NCCS), she contacted me.

Her daughter, Michelle, had her hair past her waist, and it would be a waste if she were to just cut it as the hair is still very healthy as it had been well taken care of. So she want to use her daughter's hair for a good cause, and hope it could benefits other.

I asked Susan if she would allow me to film the cutting process, she agreed. And so the following video was filmed last Saturday despite the haze (it was at a very unhealthy level).

I will not go into details on the filming, but I must say that it was fun and I had a good laugh.

So here is the photo of Michelle's ponytails and it measures 14 inches.

Thanks Susan and Michelle for supporting my cause. And also thanks to the person who gave my contact. At least now I know that people acknowledge my cause (=

Enjoy the video and please share!

Update 27/06/2013

Just a quick update on what happened for the past week.

Did a short video of a little girl donating her hair. Her name is Michelle, and she donated 14 inches of her hair last Saturday. Video is still in the making, and will post it as soon as I am done.

Two other donors donated their hair this week as well. Lynn and Sherlane, both donated 11 inches and 19 inches of their hair respectively. The donors' page was updated on the day the hair was received.

I will be posting photos and video once I have the time, so watch out for this space (=

Part 2

Almost missed a chance to make part 2 of my video. If nothing goes wrong, I will be filming part 2 this coming Saturday.

From Myanmar part 2

This is MyetThwe Ko, the girl who donated her hair on her birthday (Birthday 'give'). I received this photo from her sister last evening, so sharing with all the readers. Thanks MyetThwe and her sister!

You are needed!

I am currently looking for volunteers to help with some hair collection, drop me an email if your are interested. Donors are most welcome (=

Update 09/06/2013

Pages update:

How to donate
- Some layout changed
- More information on the collection added
- Information for shavees added

- Some layout changed
- Question on patients' identity added

- More information added

- Layout changed
- Links added

Recycling her hair

Christine's ponytail
She was doing a search on recycling and stumbled upon my blog, and so she decided to recycle her hair. Collected from Christine yesterday her 13 inches ponytail, nicely placed in a ziploc bag. Thanks Christine for your hair donation.

Eve's and Olivia's

Eve's ponytail
Eve, our second donor from Myanmar, donated her hair yesterday. She said that most girls from her country have long hair, and when they want to donate, they would usually donate it to organisation overseas.

Now that she is in Singapore, she wants to do it locally. Going really short, Eve donated 13 inches of her hair to my cause. Thanks Eve!

Olivia's ponytail
This ponytail on the left belongs to Olivia, it was cut about a month ago, but was only collected from yesterday because it just slipped my mind. Olivia's hair measures 14 inches.

Thanks Olivia for donating your hair, and Iris for safe keeping the ponytail for me. Iris is also a hair donor herself, she donated hers in March.

To very short

Cutting of hair
*SNIP* Yes, this donor is going short... very short.

Jessica had her long hair chopped for a new look, and hopes that it could help others. Since she is going for pixie cut, she did a very good job in sectioning her hair before cutting it. This is the correct way as it greatly reduced the wastage of hair.

Jessica donated a total of 8 ponytails with an average length of 16 inches. Below you can see Jessica's before and after, as well as how she tied her hair in multiple ponytails.

Thanks Jessica for donating your hair and sharing with us your photos.

Jessica Before

Jessica's multiple ponytails

Jessica's new pixie cut

Jessica ponytails

Photos courtesy of Jessica

Birthday 'give'

Birthday is not all about receiving gifts, one girl decided to share on her birthday. From Myanmar, Myet Thwe Ko donated her hair to us. I did not have a chance to thank her personally, nor do I get to meet her sister who arranged the collection. The ponytail was left at the hotel by her sister for me to collect on Friday.

Myet Thwe Ko's hair measures 14 inches, non-layered and it's pretty thick. Thanks Myet Thwe Ko for donating your hair and supporting my cause in Singapore. Thanks to the sister for all the arrangement too.