What type of rubber band is better

While preselecting ponytails for our fourth wig, I noticed that one of the rubber bands used to tie a ponytails broke. It's those flat rubber band used for tying hair that would always give way. 

Flat rubber band tends to wear easily after a number of uses. That's the reason why I would always retie with at least 2 normal rubber bands whenever a ponytail is received.

I know some people might think that normal rubber band may damage the hair, not when you know how to tie a ponytail that is not on your head. It's a totally new experience.

Model wanted!

Ever since the start of this project, we have been using video from Keili (sing2heart). Now we are planning to have our own video. New video(s) will show donor how to do multiple ponytails and maybe more.

But before we could produce this videos, we will need model(s) with long fringe (and long hair of course). No cutting required during filming unless you wish to donate.

So if you think you have what it takes to be our model (for free), drop us an email. Filming targeted to start end of March.

Mailing address

Many of you have asked about mailing your hair to us. As we currently do not have a mailing address for donors to send in their hair, we only meet up and collect from donor direct.

Collection is still a cheaper way for us now to keep our cost low, as the transportation cost for the past 1 year is still lower than the cheapest P.O. box rental (including travelling to retrieve the mail). But we are now looking out for some cheaper alternatives, so bear with us for a while.

My husband has been very supportive...

Photo courtesy of Blacastreon
The ponytail on the left belongs to donor, Blacastreon, the second ponytail received the same day as the previous.

Sharing her story, Blacastreon told us that she had been growing out her hair for the past two and a half years for her wedding. And after the wedding, she decided to cut it for a good cause. Her husband has been very supportive even though he loves her with long hair.

"Previously I donated mine to Love of Locks as I wasn't able to find a local organisation. I'm very glad that i found your website online. And thank you for doing Recycle Your Hair." -Blacastreon

Thanks Blacastreon for donating your 13 inches of hair, and thank you for sending photos together with your story.

Photo courtesy of Blacastreon

First donor of 2013

Mabelene's ponytail
Met up with Mabelene yesterday at noon and we chatted for a while. I have never shared so much with a donor before, so I really thank you for your time and many thanks for helping to spread the cause, I really appreciate it.

Mabelene is also our first hair donor of 2013. Thank you for donating your 12 inches of hair!

Our youngest donor

Edna Tan
Meet Edna Tan, our youngest hair donor, and she donated her locks that measures 17 inches.

When I met up with Brenda, Edna's mum, I wasn't expecting to receive such a length, not to mentioned from such a young donor.

"Edna is 6 years old and will start Primary 1 this year. She has not had a haircut since she was 3 years old, and her hair extended below her waist.

I felt that it was time she learnt to take care of her hair herself, and it would be good to start with shorter hair. Therefore, when we decided to have Edna's hair cut, we Googled for an organisation for her to donate her hair to. Most hair-donation organisations are located in the U.S., so I was very glad to find Recycle Your Hair in Singapore that does this important work.

 The experience has made Edna more aware of the good even something as simple as donating her hair can do. She says that in 3 years' time, when her hair is long enough, she'll want to donate her hair again! :)" - Brenda Tan

Photos courtesy of Brenda (Edna's mother)

Thanks Brenda for donating Edna's hair. I am glad I can, together with all the hair donors, to help others. This project wouldn't be successful without all those who donated their hair.

2 ponytails

2 ponytails were collected on the last day of 2012. The first ponytail was from Yanti, Vanessa's friend. I met up with Vanessa to show her the wig, at the same time to collect the 12 inches ponytail. If Yanti were to donate her hair 2 months earlier, I could have used both their hair for the same wig. That would be interesting isn't it?

Once again, thanks Vanessa and Yanti for donating your hair.

Stay tuned for more details on the second ponytail.