Here are the photos as promised.

Wig 1 – front view

Wig 1 – back view

Wig 2 – front view

wig 2 – back view

Boxes used to keep the wigs



Photos taken on Friday.

Ween Sze holding the wig

Fiona holding the wig

Photobucket Ween Sze (left) and Fiona (right)

I would also like to thanks Sean who came down on behalf of Joanna, our hair donor. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.

My friend J.J. was with me on that day too. Thanks for coming down to support and witness. Nothing big but it was a happy moment.

We made history

Today marks a new milestone in our hair recycling project. We have donated our first wig(s). I believed we are the first in Singapore to have people donate their hair for making wig for our local cancer patients.

But being the pioneer wasn’t my intention when I started this project, it was just a thought of doing something to give back to the community.

Not all of my friends believed or supported me, some even laughed at my idea. For those who did, thanks! For those who didn’t, thank you too.

Hair donors Ween Sze (left) and Fiona (right) holding the wig

I couldn’t have done it without the hair donors. Thank you all for believing and trusting me with your hair.

Thanks Ween Sze, Fiona and Sean for going down with me today. Thank you for your time and sorry to keep you guys waiting. Thanks Josephine and Grace for your support too.

One step closer

Nervously, I left my house for the factory this morning. Excitedly, I arrived at the door pressing the door bell once and unintentionally, I pressed for the second time.
As the door opened, we greeted each other with a smile and she lead me inside. The first piece of wig I saw was nothing but a hair pan-cake to me. I couldn’t wait to see how it would be like to be fitted on the mannequin head.
I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw the wig nicely fitted to the mannequin head. I was lost for words for a moment. I couldn’t believed what I saw, it is simply beautiful.
I snapped a few shots with both my phone and camera before the second piece was fitted on the mannequin head. As lovely as the first.
The first thing I did after I collected the wigs was to send the photos taken with my phone to the donors. They should be the first to see before I post it to the public. So here are two photos I took using my phone.

Wig 1
Wig 2
I will be posting photos I took using my camera in a couple of days time after I emailed to the donors. So keep a look out.
Oh, one more thing. The lady kept telling me that the hair I provided are beautiful. =)

Its ready

Received a call from the wig manufacturer earlier today saying that the 2 wigs are ready for collection. Will be collecting them soon and will be presenting them to NCCS with the donors, hopefully this coming Friday.

Second week…

Till date, 4 hair donors have responded to my invitation to the ‘wig presentation’. All of them will be going and I can’t wait for the day to come.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I sent the ponytails over, so I called today to check when will the wigs be ready. The lady told me to call again next Friday. Well, at least I have a date for me to look forward to.

I hope all the 5 hair donors will be able to make it with me and be part of history. They will be the first batch of hair donors in Singapore to have donated their hair for making wig for cancer patients.


Some people asked why don’t we, in return, help them with their donation card like what other is doing.

The reason why we can’t is because we need to keep our cost as low as possible, so that we could have enough money for our future wigs.

As you know, we don’t accept monetary donation and have no sponsors. All the funds used for wig making were from our own pocket money therefore every penny counts.

Hope the public would understand and make your own judgement.


I have sent out email invitation to hair donors, whose hair has been used for the two wigs, to present the wigs to NCCS. Two had responded, waiting for the other to get back to me.

Hoping to see the donors again soon.


Taking a little time off from lunch break to write something here.

It’s been a week since I sent the ponytails over to the wig manufacturer, it will take another week or so to have our wig completed. Once collected, I am not sure if the wigs need to be trimmed. If so, I will need to go down to their showroom at Lucky plaza and have them trimmed before presenting them to NCCS.

I hope that donors can be with me to present the wigs to NCCS, I want to be the one taking photos and not presenting the wig. Waiting for the day to come.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to contact some shavees via social network. If you are one of them, I am so sorry to have message you via social media, that’s the only way I could contact you. I am trying my best to ‘save’ some hair from being swept away.