Visited Wig Manufacturer

Visited Mr Ho from Singapura Hair Wigs Co Ptd Ltd at his factory this morning. An eye-opening! Making a wig isn't easy. Will be writing a short and post some photos taken this morning at his factory and show-room soon. Will be updating some other information as well. Stay tuned!

Donate or Sell?

Whether to sell your hair for money or donate it for making wig for cancer patients? Well, I believed you would make a wise decision.

Do you know?

I was told that it requires 6ounces of 8 to 10 inches of hair to make one wig for kid, but how much is 6 ounces?

6 ounces is about 170grams, and one ponytail weights only about 60grams. So can you guess how many ponytail is needed for one wig?

Factory Visit

Arrangement has been made with Mr. Ho from Singapura Hair Wigs Co Pte Ltd. I will be heading down to his office and factory next Monday (20 June 2011) at 10:30am to know more about wig making and some photo-taking.

Donors updates

I have a total of 4 donors; including 2 in the waiting list. Thanks for willing to sacrifice your hair.

Update from Manufacturer

Just spoke to Mr Ho of Singapura Hair Wigs Co Pte Ltd; will be arranging a meet up and factory visit soon (hopefully next week). And will update with photos taken there if I am allowed to. Stay tuned.

First donor?

My friend said she is willing to donate her hair, does that made her our first donor?

Contacting Wig Manufacturer

Currently waiting for the wig manufacturer to get back to me on all the details and may even pay them a visit.


I have decided to create this blog to act as a platform to communicate with those who wish to make hair donation possible in Singapore. Are we the pioneer?

More details coming up....