Kristin's Donation

"My hair was getting long and I felt that I needed a haircut. I didn't want to trim or just have a normal cut because it was boring and I wanted a change in me and since I was planning to cut a lot, I wanted to make the haircut meaningful. 

Moe Moe's Donation

Moe Moe Lwin, director of Yangon Heritage Trust, donated 12 inches of her hair in support of our cause. Her hair was 'shipped' over with the help from of our donor's sister's friend. Thanks to May for all the coordination.

Natasha's Donation

"I have experienced what it feels like to have loved ones suffer from cancer. The pain and emotions involved seeing your loved ones going through this makes one appreciate the life we have... :-) 

Wigs Update 17/11/2014

Here are the photos of the wigs we made.

Wig Y14-04 was sponsored by Yu Thi.
Wig Y14-05 and Y14-06 were sponsored by Meryl

Wig Y14-04

Made from hair donated by:
Yu Thi
Su Thi
Janet (Malaysia)
Chye Hoon
Batu Pahat 07 (Malaysia)

Sponsor: Yu Thi
Wig Y14-05

Made from hair donated by:
Wan Lu
Batu Pahat 02 (Malaysia)

Sponsor: Meryl
Wig Y14-06

Made from hair donated by:
Wan Lu
Batu Pahat 01 (Malaysia)

Sponsor: Meryl

Christine's Donation Update

Christine shaved her hair for an event a few months back to create childhood cancer as well as to raise fund for the Children Cancer Foundation.

Video of student's presentation

Here is the video clip of the presentation done by students of Innova Primary School. They are Jia Wen, Kamilah and Wai Yi.

The presentation was presented in the morning of 3rd November, 2014, before the school starts.

Special thanks to the students for creating the awareness, and Roselyn for sharing with us the video.

Quick Update 04/11/2014

Just a quick update of the things that happened yesterday.

The students who came to our workshop in September, had their presentation yesterday morning. Roselyn sent us some photos and we are can't wait for the video to be ready!

Wigs collected. Photo and updates coming soon. All the 3 wigs were sponsored by donors themselves.

If you see a page with missing information on our blog, don't worry, it's not your internet connection issue. It means that we had removed it, so refreshing your browser won't work. As for which page, click on all the links on the right to find out.

Stay tuned!

Mei Chin's Donation

"I was planning to go for my regular 3 to 4 inches hair cut when I saw a news article in The Straits Times about donating hair.