Lay Peng's Donation

"Ever since I know there is an opportunity in Singapore to recycle and donate our hair , I got excited and started growing my hair to at least the minimum length of 10 inches.

Dazzle's Donation

"I will donate again when my hair grows longer. I am happy that my hair will be used to help people with cancer. Get well soon. "
~ Dazzle

Deneb's Donation

"According to the famous quote from a famous brand "if a woman cuts her hair is about to change her life" but for me I wanted to make a difference.. I wanted to do something good this season of lent...

Fangwen's Donation

"I hope my hair can help make wigs for patients who need it. Sharing is caring."
~ Fangwen

Evelina's Donation

"it must be hard for the patients to be sick and losing their hair at the same time.. so this is the least I can do."
~ Evelina

Rui Xuan's Donation

"My friend introduced me to hair donation when I intended to cut my 4 years worth of hair.

Gina's Donation

"Been wanting to donate my hair to Locks of Love after receiving 2 heartbreaking news of my friends' young and beautiful mother died of cancer. Fortunately, I came across this webpage while attempting to find one of such organisation in Singapore. Keep up the good work @Recycle Your Hair!"
~ Gina

Veron's Donation

"In 2015 after we had completed 2016 P1 registration for Veron, my hubby and I was discussing whether we should cut her hair short to get her prepared for P1. But both of us feel it is a wasted to cut her long hair. Then my hubby suddenly said why not donate her hair. Why we have this thought is because we have a few friends who have cancer and it is so sad to see them losing their hair due to chemo treatment they are receiving.

Shannen's Donation

"I donated my hair for the first time and for a great cause. I hope that my small contribution could bring a smile to someone who really need it someday."
~ Shannen