Special wig update

It's been more than a month since we posted about this specially requested wig, so here's the update.

I can help in my own little way

"I kept my hair long ever since I was little and I never cut this short. Last year, I permed my hair for a new look coz my hair looks the same -long and boring..it's been like forever that I have that kind of hairstyle.

From my husband and myself

"I first thought of donating my hair when an ex-colleague, shared a photo of her short hair.  If my memory served me right, she was donating it to an overseas organisation who were also collecting hairs to make free wigs.  

First donation 2014

Our first donation this year came from Malaysia. When we received Michelle's ponytail, we were more delighted to receive what came with it; a 'Thank You' card!

Thank you Michelle, you made our days!

Wigs donation update

After two months of wait, we finally donated the wigs. This round, we've made a total of 6 wigs using hair from 25 donors. Ponytails were sent in early last August and the wigs were completed in early November, but we couldn't be able to send present it until now.

Together with donors and volunteers, we presented the wigs to NCCS on Saturday, 11 January 2014.

Donors and volunteers viewing of wigs before donating.

Sneha holding the wig made from her hair, you can read her story here.

We would like to thank our hair donors, sponsors, staffs of NCCS, volunteers and friend for making this possible! Thank you all!!

Looking back, 2013

2013 had been quite a challenging year since this project started in 2011. Looking back, here are the things we have been through...