Maria's Donation

"When I was in grade 3, which was 5 years ago, a girl in grade 5 cut her hair off in order to donate it. However, her hair was too short and it went all to waste. Ever since then I felt like I had to fulfill it and make a donation which wouldn't go to waste.

Anonymous Donation

"I was thinking to get myself a birthday present for my 22th birthday, be it having a new image or doing something meaningful instead of buying luxury goods or throwing myself a grand party. I was having waist length hair and I decided to cut it.

Yi Ling's Donation

"I kept my hair long for the first time, for my wedding last June. I decided to cut it this May, just when a friend introduced me to Recycle Your Hair, so I was happy to know I cut it for a good cause."
~ Yi Ling

Wati's Donation

"It was such heart-breaking to see one of my cousin who have to fight to get her precious life back and happy for her at the same time where she is a really strong women who survived the cruelty of breast cancer at the highest stage.

Yong Si's Donation

"Vania; God's gift in Hebrew,
cherish it while you still can,
let it go when you have to,
pass it on for a good cause."

Samantha's Donation

Samantha on the left with her new style
"I decided to donate my hair one year ago after a friend of mine (Meryl) posted on her instagram of donating her long hair away.

Dr. Xenia's Donation

Dr Xenia with short hair
"When I saw an article about a young girl in USA (Izabel Laxamana). She committed suicide soon after a video circulated of her being shamed in public by having her hair cut by her father as punishment. She had to go to school with an embarrassing, jagged hair cut. Maybe she had other issues that caused her to commit suicide, but it shows people can be sensitive about hair.