Donations update (Photos) 15/02/2015

Name: Vanessa (M'sia)
Length: 13 inches
Date donated: 09/01/2015
Name: Vivienne (M'sia)
Length: 12 inches
Date donated: 12/01/2015
Name: Adeline
Length: 15 inches
Date donated: 19/01/2015

Yu Qiao's Donation

Six-year-old Yu Qiao having her first hair cut since her first birthday. She wish to donate her hair to those in need.

Sue's Donation

"I have always been told how lucky and blessed I am to have such healthy dark locks. I like to keep my hair long and cut it short for a change.

Jowie's Donation

Photo: Jowie
"I had intention to participate in Hair For Hope in a few years down the road. Personally know of friends who had passed on due to cancer. Then some time last year, chanced upon Recycle Your Hair blog.

Adeline's Donation

"I have always had the habit of leaving my hair till slightly beyond shoulder length before cutting it short.

Once when doing so, my hairdresser commented that it was a waste to just throw the cut hair away since it is rare to have virgin hair of quality as good as mine (thanks to my mum for her good genes :) ).

How not to have your donation rejected

There has been an increase number of rejects in the recent months, and the number seems to be going up.

Wet, damp, greasy or hair with unpleasant smell were some of the reasons why these donations were rejected.

Despite the instructions given to wash and dry their hair before cutting and not to wash over night, we still received hair that is wet, damp, greasy or with unpleasant smell.

When asked, here are some of the reasons given;