Let it go

The voting has ended, and the volunteers fought a good fight.

They had been spamming and begging for the past few days but still, were not able to get everyone they know to vote. Their spouses and family members helped. They had also asked their colleagues, ex-colleagues, ex-working partners, gaming friends, parent support group, other volunteers group and donors. Some of them had also asked their clients, friends and friends’ friends and friends’ friends’ friends, etc to help, but were not able to get enough votes to win.

Win or lose, the volunteers will continue to work hard for 2017 and beyond. The volunteers would like to thank all who had help and voted. You know who you are!

Let’s continue to support them and wish them well.

~ The end ~

Did you know that..

  • one wig cost around S$200 to make? 
  • some of the supposedly sponsored wigs ended up being paid by the volunteers?
  • if they win, the prize money could benefit 25 patients / survivors? 
  • till date, there are over 800 donors, but the vote count is less than half?
  • you have less than 4 days to help? 

Voting ends 27 Dec (10 am)


Less than 5 days

This project was officially started in 2011. However, not many people in Singapore knew about this.

A lot of donors suggested that they should create more awareness. However ... .

For the past five years, the volunteers had made a total of 28 wigs and had donated them to NCCS and BCF. These are just some of them. They wish they could keep up with the demand, but ... .

It would cost the volunteers around S$200 to make a wig, and they are fortunate to have some friends, colleagues, hair donors and some anonymous to help in the past. Sadly ... .

If you know the answer, vote for them.

If you don't know the answer, voting for them is the answer.


Voting ends 27 Dec 2017 (10 am)


This has been a busy year for these volunteers. Other than busy appearing on television and social media. They had been supporting some event as well.

In April, they were involved in an event by Mediacorp Radio station Love 972 and Ocean Butterflies Singapore for VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer. They help whenever needed. So help them to help more.

Vote for them!

Voting ends 27 Dec 2017 (10 am)



Day number 5 … The volunteers have been checking the vote count as and when they are happy anxious. Still far behind.

They had been asking people to vote, but people may not really know what they really do. Yet again, another couple of months back (like there are 24 months this year) crews from Mediacorp Chinese News were seen with them. And then… they appeared on a television programme on Channel U.

The show, World This Week, did a brief segment on what this group is all about, you can watch it over at the link below.

But then, still no sponsor.

Vote for them, though they cannot be your voice in the parliament, they can help those in need too.

Voting ends 27 Dec 2017 (10 am)


Day 3

Day 3 of the voting period and it seems like the story of these volunteers are lagging behind. The volunteers are still working hard to get more people to vote for their story.

Did you know?

The project that these volunteers are running is self-funded. They do not have any big organisations or companies to support them. The only support from the government, indirectly, is maybe the GST voucher given to the volunteers and it’s not a big sum.

See these ponytails?

They are waiting to be recycled into wigs for our cancer patients, and they do not need pay a single dollar (not even a cent), it’s all fully sponsored for by these volunteers, their friends and colleagues… and volunteers and their friends again… and their friends again … until may they are broke?

So, vote for them before it’s too late. Voting ends 27 Dec 2017 (10 am)


Once upon a time

Once upon a time, In a little red dot on a map, there is a volunteer group, collecting donated hair and recycle them into wigs for cancer patients free of charge.

Then came a fairy godmother group of good people and said to these volunteers; 'Hey! We could help you.'

And soon, the story of these volunteers were made known to many.

However, these volunteers are still struggling to keep up with the demand of wigs due to the lack of fund.

Then, the group of good people appeared again from nowhere and said to these volunteers; 'We may be able to help, but you will need to gather as many people as possible to vote.'

'Vote?' asked a volunteer.

'Yes',  said the group of good people, 'to vote for your story. The story with the most votes get the S$5,000 prize to jump-start your work in 2017. Just direct your voters to this link (www.ourbetterworld.org/en/good-story-of-the-year/2016).'

Feeling excited, the volunteers are now working hard to garner as many votes as possible between 14 Dec - 27 Dec.

... to be continued