Mass donation from Malaysia

We are pleased to receive our first mass donation. These ponytails came all the way from Batu Pahat, Malaysia. Evinn, a school teacher, organised a hair shaving event that helped raise funds for a cancer organisation in Sabah.

Some 90 over students took part in this event where the boys shaved their head and the girls donated their locks. Evinn was one of the shavees herself.

More details on the event will be posted at a later date. I will also update with more photos of these ponytail so stay tuned.

Lastly, I would like to thank Evinn for coming all the way from Batu Pahat and delivered these ponytails, and sharing with us her work during our donor-volunteer meetup session today. Thanks Evinn.

First donor-volunteers meetup

Today we had our first donor-volunteers meetup session. In today's session, I shared my story and everything about this project and also taught them how to handle ponytails.

Yanling, our donor-volunteer trying out her hair-tying skill. It's definitely not the same as trying her own hair.

These ponytails were neatly tidied up by our donor-volunteer, Yanling and volunteer, Sann.

Ponytails were delivered today by a donor from Malaysia, this is the first time we received a mass donation, thanks Evinn for coming all the way down from Malaysia.

I would also like to thank Yanling and Sann for coming and helping out with the ponytails. They are now our official volunteers! Welcome aboard.

Volunteer meetup

There will be volunteers meetup coming soon, for those who are interested to become a volunteer, do email us for more details. Donors are most welcome!!

Sneak peek

Went to the wig manufacturer during my lunch break today to see what's the progress of the wigs. It's about 80% done for all and should be ready by the mid of November as told.

This is wig 1, 95% done, some final touching up required.
The lady even combed and clipped up the fringe for me to take photo.
This is wig 6, ventilating required (see below).
Ventilating is very labour intensive process. It required a lot of patient and good eyesight. This lady is doing it strand by strand and from this photo, you can tell that she is not young.

Bringing smile to someone's life

"A lot of people were pleasantly surprised, or more or less shocked, that I mustered enough courage to cut off such long hair up to my chin. For me, I couldn't be happier that I made the decision not just for personal convenience or a new look, but also for the relief that my hair would be put into good use, to help the cancer patients in need.

I've always believed in recycling, and recycling hair is a definitely a great initiative that can benefit all. As it was too much trouble to mail it to Locks of Love in the U.S., I was excited to find a local organization with the same aim. Moreover, the proximity will hopefully allow me to participate in witnessing the wig making process or at least see and touch the final product. I hope that these 22-inch locks of my hair will bring a smile to someone's life."
- Wendy

(Photos courtesy of Wendy)

Date Donated: 12th October

Another Gift

This is another gift box I received on Friday, all the way from Malaysia. Donating 12 inches, Hazel went from waist to very short.

Thanks Hazel, and sorry for all the trouble!

Date Donated: 11th October

A little gift

Received this little gift last evening from a little girl, Theophelia. Inside, 2 ponytails; one belongs to her and the other belongs to her Aunt, Rene.
Theophelia's 10 inches ponytail

Rene's 11 inches ponytail

Date donated: 10th October

Magic Hair

(Photos courtesy of Wei Leng)

"Always been told I have got magic hair that grows at exponential speed. Since I am so blessed I know there is a purpose for it, to be given to those who need it so much more than I do."
- Wei Leng

Wei Leng's 18 inches ponytail

Date donated: 2nd October

Update 03/10/2013

Called up the wig manufacturer last week on the progress of our coming wigs. I was told it should be ready by mid November, which means it's about a month away.

I am currently planning a viewing cum presentation session for donors to view and present the wigs to our beneficiary. For those who are not able make it on the selected day, there will be a viewing session for you as well. Donors will be receiving my email or message within these few days on the details and dates.

Donation update:

Yu Thi's donated her ponytail last week, and it measures 13 inches.

Date donated: 30th September