Update on - How to tie your hair if you are shaving

I have updated the section on how to tie your hair in multiple ponytails for those who are shaving and wish to donate their hair. For more details, click the link below.


Did you know...

Did you know that there are more than one cancer related shaving events in Singapore?
(In fact there are 2, one of which is an international event.)

Did you know that non of the shaving events in Singapore make use of the shaved hair?
(You will need to make your own arrangement if you wish to donate your hair, otherwise it will ended up in the rubbish bin.)

Did you know that Recycle Your Hair is the only group in Singapore that collect donated hair and make wigs for our local cancer patients?
(Yes, and wigs are donated to them free!)

And I found You!

This is Meifeng (before her haircut), she initially wanted to donate her hair overseas, but in the end, she donated closer to home.

"I wanted to try finding a local organisation instead. And I found you!"

Meifeng said that she hates cutting her hair unless it's for a new do, hence she only do it once a year.

"The last time I cut off this much of hair was almost 6 years ago when super short hair was the in thing in my school. I'm cutting it off now because I love trying new things and I've had long hair for a good time now, thus I'd like to donate my locks to someone who needs them more than me!" - Meifeng

Meifeng's ponytails measure 17 inches and don't you think they look like Ginseng?  (=

Thank you Meifeng for donating your hair.

**All photos courtesy of Meifeng

A rare ponytail

Received this rare ponytail last evening from Clara, it measures 20 inches. What makes it rare is not only the length, but also because it's non-layered. Non-layered hair are hard to come by, not to mention hair with such length, that's why it's rare. Thank you Clara for donating your hair.


Another quick update on what's happening. Had spoken to the wig manufacturer this morning, was told that he is still looking for a suitable place to relocate his office. Hence, our 4th wig will be on hold till he found a new place.

If anyone knows of any small factory/office space for lease, feel free to contact me. Or, you can contact the boss directly. His contact can be found at the vendors' page here.

While waiting, I will be pre-selecting ponytails for our subsequence wigs. Mostly likely we will end up making all the 3 wigs planned for this years together.

Yesterday, I received a 13 inches ponytail from a donor who wish to remain anonymous. Thanks for donating your hair and coming all the way down to pass me your ponytail.


MeiNa donated her hair on Wednesday's evening, her ponytails measures 13 inches. Thanks MeiNa.
And on Thursday, I received another hair donation from Sharon. Sharon wanted a change and hence chopping off her 16 inches ponytails. Thanks for your donation Sharon.

Sharon is also our 60th donor.

Fiona's second donation

Photo courtesy of Fiona
She was my first personal friend who cut her hair just to donate for my cause, she was also the one who gave me support and encouraged me when things isn't going well. And her name is Fiona.

Fiona cut her hair again this February, a year and a half since she last donated her hair. This time, she went from her almost waist length to chin length and donated 14 inches. The photo on the left was taken about a month ago, not much changes on her style when I met up with her last Saturday, but it's my first time seeing her with such short style. Thank Fiona for donating your hair once again.

Fifth ponytail

On Friday, my manager came to me with a ponytail. She said that it was from her friend, Tianne, and she cut her hair for my cause, otherwise she couldn't bear to cut it. Her ponytails measures 13 inches.

Fourth donor this week

Our fourth donor this week is Anna, she donated her 14 inches ponytail because she has been wanting to donate her hair and needed a change. She donated her hair on the 2nd May. Thanks Anna.

May day surprises

Three brave young ladies shaved and donated their hair on the first day of May.

Shirleen got to know about my cause through Jolene's blog and contacted me the day before. She also helped to link up with the other two donors, Bao Yi and Audrey. Below are the photos of their ponytails donated. Shirleen's 19 inches, Bao Yi's 12 inches and Audrey's 16 inches.

Shirleen's ponytails

Bao Yi's ponytails

Audrey's ponytails
Having multiple ponytails is essential if you are shaving your hair, this is to minimise the wastage of hair and they did a very good job. Thanks ladies.

I wish to thanks Jolene once again for mentioning my cause on her blog. And thanks Shirleen for helping and donating your hair. Thanks Bao Yi and Audrey for donating as well.

A donor a day

Six people donated their hair this week alone, that's about a donor per day. More details coming up...