Fatima's shoutout

“... there is hair at this point but is really the lack of fund that holding so many patients back from getting the wig that they deserved.”
- Fatima


Be someone's hero

What can be more inspiring than hearing our very own hair donor supporting the cancer patients?

Dr Xenia touches our hearts by exemplifying “Be Someone’s Hero”.

It is easy to make someone's day happy by giving a bright smile, saying hello in the lift, sharing an umbrella or buying a small box of cupcake.. But, you can Be Someone's Hero by making the cancer patients happy, restoring their confidence by making a small contribution in our fundraising campaign.


What is our campaign about?

What is our recent Give.Asia campaign about?
Who are the beneficiaries? Watch as our volunteers unfold the secrets!

P.S. Can you identify our new volunteer? :)


Support RYH - Sponsor a wig

Today is World Kindness Day.

It’s the time of the year to do at least one act of kindness today.

As you all know, we have temporarily stopped accepting hair donation since the beginning of the year to focus on raising fund to make more wigs in order to benefits more patients.

And today, we are launching our fundraising campaign. We hope that with this campaign, we could get more people to help with the cost of making of our wigs.

This project had been running from the pocket of our volunteers, their friends and colleagues. Sometimes, we have hair donors sponsoring our wigs as well. It's not sustainable in a long run. Therefore, we decided to seek more help from the public.

We have the hair but need the money to further benefit our local patients.

Spread your kindness on World Kindness Day.

Many thanks!

Easterin's Donation 2016

I just hoped that this 10 inches of hair will help the ones who need it more than I do and I'm looking forward to growing my hair back again and donating it all over again to help more people. :)
~ Easterin

Our Logo!

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our logo!

Yes, we finally have an official logo after years!
We adopted a lavender ribbon as part of our logo as it's a symbol of awareness for all cancer. The ribbon was redesigned to incorporate our group's initial, as well as a symbol of person with long hair.

2nd batch Donated

Our second batch of wigs of 2016 have been donated to Breast Cancer Foundation last Saturday, 13 May 2017.

We would like to thanks our hair donors, sponsors and volunteers for making this possible.

Wig Y16-08
Donors (from Top): Denis, Peixian, Margaret


Our sincere apology for the lack of updates for the past few months as we were busy with work and other commitments.

As many may know, we have temporarily stopped accepting hair donations to concentrate on our fundraising and wigs making. Many who had written to us last year are worried that their hair will not be collected. Not to worry, we are still collecting from those who are on our waiting list.

Though we might be slow, we are catching up with the collection. However, do note that these will be the last few batches of collections, from those who had written to us last year, before we stop our collection completely to focus on our fundraising and wig making. If you are unable to make it, try getting a proxy.

All collection will cease by end of May.