I have decided to crown my friend, Fiona, as my First donor as she was the first person who literally cut her hair just to donate for my cause. Though it was months ago, I would still like to thank her for what she did. Thank you Fiona!

(Photo courtesy of Fiona Zeng)
I have also received my ninth ponytail from the Salon on Thursday. Thanks Ray for the help in collecting ponytail.

How to donate your hair video

Hi people,
I have just uploaded a video on 'How to donate your hair'. This video was initially done by sing2heart. I have her permission to modify and use her video for my blog. All credits goes to her and her family. Thanks!

Video courtesy of sing2heart.
Original version of this video can be found at;


Someone asked me, do I accept only fringe, as she is planning to have bangs and not going short as yet? Why not? As long as it's long enough.

I needed that, thanks!

Met up with my friend, Fiona (who is also a hair donor) last Sunday. I told her about my future plan if things wouldn't work out here in Singapore. Doing overseas or just stop this project and send all the hair to Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids.

She said I should continue to search and wait and not let 'them' hinder my way. Though she is not the first person who told me this, it just makes me feel better. I felt the power I used to have when I first had with this idea and somehow it just grew stronger.

Thanks to my friends and colleagues who supported me. Oh, not forgetting hair donors as well.

+ 1

Nope, I wasn't talking about Google's new social networking site, but an additional ponytail I received from my friend today. I have not measured it, but was told it should be 10 inches long.

It wasn't tied into a ponytail when cut as instructed, so the hair now is in a little mess... though it was 'rubber banded' when passed to me... will try to tie it up neatly. Thanks Fiona!

Howto - Multiple ponytails

Thanks to our donor, Joanna, I am able to show how multiple ponytails should be tied. This way, you can have the maximum length cut before shaving.

Keep searching

One week has passed and there is still no news of any recipient. I am not giving up... keep searching! Something just came to my mind... developing countries?

Anyway, I had placed all the ziplock bags(ponytail with label) into two separate ziplock bags and have them labelled as day 1 and 2.

My idea was to have the bags placed inside my dry cabinet together with my camera's gears, but after some considerations, I decided not to, as it may cause the rubber band to break due to the humidity. It may also cause the hair to become dry. Not taking any risk.

Day 2

Day 2, managed to take some shots of our donors during the shave. They are; Jillia, Sharon and Joanna. Thank you all for your support. Will email you guys the photo when it's done.

The event might have ended, but it's just the beginning of our long journey. When will we be making our first wig for our first recipient? Hope soon!

Day 1

Today is day 1 of the event. Wasn't a good day to start with diarrhoea, but still it all ended well. Collected 3 ponytails from 3 donors; Josephine, Ween Sze and Grace. Thanks all for your support.


Please be informed that there will NOT be any booth to collect hair donation at the HfH event this weekend. If any shavees wish to donate their hair, please send us an email for an arrangement.


The propose of this project is not to go against Hair for Hope, but to have another option. Well, I am glad we have cleared some doubt at this point. Thanks to CCF and HFH team.

Visited Wig Manufacturer

Visited Mr Ho from Singapura Hair Wigs Co Ptd Ltd at his factory this morning. An eye-opening! Making a wig isn't easy. Will be writing a short and post some photos taken this morning at his factory and show-room soon. Will be updating some other information as well. Stay tuned!

Donate or Sell?

Whether to sell your hair for money or donate it for making wig for cancer patients? Well, I believed you would make a wise decision.

Do you know?

I was told that it requires 6ounces of 8 to 10 inches of hair to make one wig for kid, but how much is 6 ounces?

6 ounces is about 170grams, and one ponytail weights only about 60grams. So can you guess how many ponytail is needed for one wig?

Factory Visit

Arrangement has been made with Mr. Ho from Singapura Hair Wigs Co Pte Ltd. I will be heading down to his office and factory next Monday (20 June 2011) at 10:30am to know more about wig making and some photo-taking.

Donors updates

I have a total of 4 donors; including 2 in the waiting list. Thanks for willing to sacrifice your hair.

Update from Manufacturer

Just spoke to Mr Ho of Singapura Hair Wigs Co Pte Ltd; will be arranging a meet up and factory visit soon (hopefully next week). And will update with photos taken there if I am allowed to. Stay tuned.

First donor?

My friend said she is willing to donate her hair, does that made her our first donor?

Contacting Wig Manufacturer

Currently waiting for the wig manufacturer to get back to me on all the details and may even pay them a visit.


I have decided to create this blog to act as a platform to communicate with those who wish to make hair donation possible in Singapore. Are we the pioneer?

More details coming up....