How much can we save?

Its here again, and a few people had written asking why don't I collaborate. Well, the only thing I can say is that its not that I don't want to.... Anyway, I hope lesser hair will be wasted this year.

Help spread my cause. Waste hair no more.

** Its not because I do not wish to promote that I did not mentioned, but I do not wish them to think that I am making use to promote my cause.

We have hit 50!

I realised this morning that we have more than 50 donors so far, and our 50th donor is Peiyu, who donated her hair last week. Congratulation Peiyu! No price though but it's a new milestone I would say.

Just added two more donors these two days, they are Sneha and Che and they donated 15 and 14 inches respectively. Thanks Sneha and Che.

Video is up

Finally, our very first video is up. In this video, Letitia, our young model/hair donor will teach you the correct way of tying and cutting your hair for donation, and what to do after that.

Letitia - Model, hair donor
Letitia's Parents

Rene and Stephanie cover of Love is Easy by McFly

Filmed at SJK Paradise (Salon)
Thanks Steven for sponsoring the venue

Special thanks to:
Ryan of Night Owl Cinematics for his advice on camera handling

Time for a change

Apart from the weather here, Peiyu also felt that it was time for a change and had her hair cut. She happened to come across my website on a magazine and contacted me to have her hair donated. Met up her last evening and collected from her, a thick ponytail that measures almost 12 inches. Thanks again Peiyu for donating your hair.

Its more than 12 inches

She had her hair past her waist, but now it's slightly below her shoulder. Met up with Geena last evening to receive her 13 inches ponytail. She said she cut off 12 inches, I guessed the stylist must have cut an inch extra. Thanks Geena!

Supporting my effort

After growing out her hair for years, Henrietta finally chopped off her 13 inches of thick, all natural non-layered hair and donated it.

She initially wanted to donate her hair to an overseas organisation, after she found out about my project she decided to help our local community and support my effort.

Thanks Henrietta for donation!

We had fun filming...

We had a great day filming today. Letitia is just great, she can remember all her lines in the script and she is just so adorable and nature in front of the camera! Her mum and dad help a lot too.

I am expecting 10 inches from Letitia, but she keeps wanting to go shorter, in the end we cut off over 12 inches (ponytail and trim). She is happy with her new hair cut.

Thanks Letitia, her mum and dad for coming all the way down. Thanks for all your time as well.

Thanks Steven for letting us use your salon, SJK Paradise. Sorry for jamming up your salon!

Thanks Ryan of Night Owl Cinematics for all the tips, I wouldn't be so confident without them!

Filming day

Today, we will be filming our very first video. Model for today will be 9 years old Letitia, niece of one of our donor, Jeanne.

Those who know me, know that I am more of a photographer than a videographer. I do take videos, but only with my mobile phone. Now I that I need my DSLR to do the work, I needed help. Ryan of Night Owl Cinematics (N.O.C) is kind enough to share with me tips on taking video using a DSLR (If you have watched Reasons Why Singaporean Complain you probably will know them). Thanks Ryan!

Today's venue will be at SJK Paradise, thanks Steven for sponsoring the venue.

Looking forward .... and stay tuned!

Thanks Jane

Photo courtesy of Jane
Apart from Cai Ling's, I also received another ponytail donation yesterday. It was from Jane. She contacted me yesterday morning and this, I believed, was the first time the ponytail was collected the same day I received the email.

Thanks Jane's for waiting for me and it was nice chatting with you. Jane's ponytail measures 11 inches.

She waited a decade to donate her hair

Photo courtesy of Cai Ling
This ponytail is by far the most special ponytail I have ever received... It took over 10 years to reach me. Seriously, if the donor did not breathe a word about it, I wouldn't suspect anything.

Cai Ling contacted me over a week ago with this photo, she said she had cut it over a decade ago and has been keeping it and searching for a place in Singapore that she could donate it. She was unable to find it till now. She also said that if there isn't anyone in Singapore she could donate to, she would probably keep it forever.

Today, I have the great honour to receive this 11 inches ponytail, though it was cut more than 10 years ago, but trust me, it's still very healthy, strong and shiny. Thanks Cai Ling.

Centimetre or Inches

How long in centimetre is an inch and how long is 10 inches, that's the questions I always get when I talked about the minimum length of hair required for donation.

Since young, we were taught the use of International System of Units (S.I units) like centimetre and kilogrammes. So why am I using the Imperial units (similar to U.S. Standard units) here? Well, long before some of us were born, maybe I should say during some of our parents’ time, they uses imperial units.

The vendor that make the wigs for us also uses imperial units such as inch for length and ounce for weight. So to make thing easier for them and not to confuse myself in handling the ponytail, I uses inch instead of centimetre.

For those who are not sure how long is 10 inches, it’s 25.4 cm.

1 inch is 2.54 cm or 25.4 mm