Near and Far

Recently, I received a number of enquiries from overseas asking about hair donation. Yes I do accept hair donation from overseas, and those who wrote may find it a hassle.

I just wish to clarify that I want to make sure that your donation would still be usable when it reached me, especially with all the 'travelling'.

Closer to home, I received a ponytail last Thursday from Natasha. Her ponytail measures 13 inches.

Donations update

Here are update of the donations I received over the past weeks. For some reasons, I am not able to post till now. Detailed post may be posted when available.

Geetha's 11 inches ponytail

Date donated: 31st August
Maya's 15 inches

Date donated: 5th September
Jessie's 14 inches

Date donated: 17th September
Yanling's 12 inches

Date donated: 17th September
Cheryl's 21 inches

Date donated: 18th September
Helen's 13 inches

Date donated: 18th September


Remembered I mentioned about posting video responses on YouTube more than a month ago? I went back and this is what I saw.

I mean... seriously?

Our 100th Donor - Angie

This is our 100th donor, Angie. Angie has donated her hair three times, and she says it takes about 26 months to grow enough hair for a long ponytail. After cutting it this time, she’s keen to grow it long again for the next donation in just over two years.

Angie with Casey, owner of his own hair salon on Orchard Road.  This is the second time Casey has very kindly cut Angie’s hair for a donation.

(Photos courtesy of Angie's mum)

Angie's ponytails measure 14 inches.

Date donated: 3rd September