4th wig on hold

Just an update on our 4th wig. It currently on hold, because the wig manufacturer is shifting their factory. I was told it will take some weeks before they could start manufacturing.

I cut for a reason

Photo courtesy of Lihua
This is our newest hair donor, Lihua, holding her freshly cut ponytail in front of the camera. Not wanting to waste it, she donated her hair hoping it can help others. She donated 16 inches of her hair, leaving her with almost a pixel cut (shorter than what you see in the photo).

I like the way she tie her ponytail. With multiple rubber bands near the cutting edge, and additional rubber bands few inches below (see photo below). I wonder how many rubber bands she used, it seems like a lot to me.

Thanks Lihua for your donation and it was nice talking to you.

Perfect match

Here are four ponytails collected last week. And from far, it may looks like they were from 2 donors. They actually belongs to 4 donors; Wei Lyn, Mei Fong, Sarah and Hui Ting.

Sarah donated her 11 inches ponytail last Tuesday, the same day as Mei Fong. And Hui Ting donated hers last Wednesday. Hui Ting hair measures 13 inches and other than the length, both Sarah's and Hui Ting's hair are so similar as if they are from the same person.

Wei Lyn's and Mei Fong's hair makes another pair. Thanks all for your hair donation!

Thick long curl

In the post 'I was shocked' last November, I mentioned about receiving the thickest ponytail ever.

On Wednesday, I received yet another thick ponytail from a student who do not wish her name to be mentioned. Her ponytail is as thick, and as long (16 inches) as the ponytail received. It has natural curl too (see photo on the right).

Thanks anonymous for donating your hair.

Still pretty long

This is Mei Fong, our newest hair donor. The photo on the left was taken in the salon while having her hair done after cutting off her ponytail. Can you see her ponytail on the table?

As you can see from the photo (bottom left), Mei Fong (in black) had her hair down to her waist. That's explained why after donating her hair, its still pretty long. She said her hair was way too long and finds it irritating at times, so she decided to cut it.

Her hair was collected on Tuesday, and it measures 13 inches long. Thanks Mei Fong for donating your hair and providing the photos.

All photos courtesy of Mei Fong

Trendy Short

Ever since I started this project, I do not have much problem identifying donors when I met up with them. Other than those who shaved their head, almost all of them wear the same style after donating their hair; Bob - long or short.

Wei Lyn, our donor, is different from the rest. Her new style is the shortest among the donors I have met. Donating slightly more than 12 inches of her hair, Wei Lyn now wears a trendy new short. She said she had tried bob before, so wanted to something shorter. I have not seen her with longer hair, but her new style looks great on her.

Thanks Wei Lyn for donating your hair.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

RYH would like to wish everyone, 恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai)!

Pretty thick

Received a ponytail today from a donor who wish to be known as Min. Her ponytail measures 11 inches and it's pretty thick. Thanks Min for your hair donation.

Ponytails selected

Ponytails have been pre-selected for our fourth wig. They are from; Jillia, +Peixian Chen and Dawn.

Jillia was our pioneer batch of hair donor in Singapore. She donated her hair in July 2011. Measuring 16 inches, her hair was the longest at that time. As we couldn't find any other hair that matches her length, her hair was not selected for our first 2 wigs. We couldn't bear to cut it.

Dawn and +Peixian Chen donated theirs last August. Dawn had hers cut last January hoping that her hair can be of good use. Her hair is one of the few thick ponytails we received.

+Peixian Chen is a friend of mine, who is also my second friend who donated her hair to my cause.

Hopefully, these 3 ponytails are enough for a wig, but to be on a safe side, another ponytail has been selected.

Donors have been informed.