Selina's Donation

"I have been wanted to cut my hair for very long time, but every time when I asked my friend for advise, they would stop me as they said I wouldn’t look good with short hair.

Kate's Donation

"Kate Elizabeth is 9 and she attends Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School. She has long hair since we stopped bringing her for hair cut.

Shannen's Donation

"Ever since young, I have always wanted to do something to help people in need. So why not donate my hair to people who need it more than I do? I m glad that I have donated my hair and would definitely consider to donate it again! :)"
~ Shannen

Si Xuan's Donation

"I've had long hair most of my life (ever since I made my own decisions), and I have always been very proud of it. I have also always wanted to do something with my hair, like selling or donating.