Beautiful Hair

The lady told me, these hair are beautiful. I told her its because they came from ladies with beautiful heart.

On its way

Went to the wig manufacturer earlier today to pass them the ponytails. I was told that they can make 2 wigs from it, and it will takes around 2 to 3 weeks to manufacture.

5 ponytails shown here belongs to; Fiona, Ween Sze, Grace, Joanna and Josephine.

Two other ponytails not shown here were from Jillia and Sharon. 

Jillia's ponytail is 16" long and was told to keep it till there are other ponytails of the similar length as cutting it short would be of a waste. Sharon's hair on the other hand is too short to be used. I still would like to thank her for donating.

Hoping to see our first wig soon... 


Something caught up last minute, hence the meeting with the wig manufacturer has been postponed to Wednesday.

Appointment made

Just made an appointment with the wig manufacturer. Will be going down next Monday to see how many wig can be made from the hair I've got.

Next step...

After many months of talking to parties, both local and overseas, I am glad to informs all donors that we will be making our very first wig for NCCS wig bank.

After speaking to Judy, Senior Staff Nurse of NCCS, I would like to share a quote from her.
"We would also like to help them to stay pretty even during their treatment."

I believed all hair donors have this thought in their mind as well. Thanks again to all donors who made this possible.


Since its hard to get local organisations to work with, we are writing to some overseas organisation to see if we can work things out together, and yet not forgetting our local kids who needs help.

If there is any voluntary group who think we can work together, do let us know.