This is what happened when...

This is not a photo of the salon's floor. This pile of hair was what we combed out from a ponytail that was not properly secured or should I say not correctly gathered and secured.

Announcement 24/11/2013

Dear all,
We are announcing the implementation of the following with immediate effect

Collections are now strictly on weekdays after 1800 hrs at designated MRT stations only. These stations are; Buona Vista, Bishan, Paya Lebar and Dhoby Ghaut.

While we tried our best to accommodate to some special cases, many does not appreciate and wanted more from us. We understand that everyone has their commitments, so do we.

For those who are interested to donate their hair to us, they are now required to email us the following;
1) Name
2) Mobile contact
3) Preferred station
4) Photo of your ponytail(s)

Donors are to contact us on the day of the appointment, else we will take it as you are not available.

If you are going to be late, call or contact us via SMS. If we did not hear from you 10 mins after the appointment time, we will leave.

These rules were implemented because we have been played out too many times.

The selfless cut

6-year-old Xiao Yuan will be attending Primary 1 next year. Her mother, Stephanie, said that Xiao Yuan is still not able to manage her long hair by herself, and encouraged her to go short as it might help others.

10 inches is what it takes to donate. But Xiao Yuan's hair is too short for donation, but at least Stephanie knows the that her daughter is willing to let go for charity and helping people in need. What a selfless girl!

Change of date

Just received a last minute notice from NCCS regarding the presentation on the 30th November 2013 (Saturday). The date has been changed.

I understand that some of the donors have changed their schedule to attend this session, a thousand apologies. I was only informed this morning. All donors will be receiving my email/SMS again. Yes, I will be bugging all of you once again.

光,爱 - Mass donations update

Students and teachers went bald for cancer kids

On 4th May, 80 students and 13 teachers of Chinese High School Batu Pahat, a teacher from another school and a parent shaved their head to raise funds and create awareness for the Sabah Children’s Cancer Society. Among the shavees, two were female teachers.

Viewing started today

Two donors viewed the wigs today. Blacastreon, holding the wig (Y13-02), was trying to look for her hair. Another donor (my anonymous friend), also viewed the wig (Y13-05) this evening.

I just love seeing the expression on their faces, it makes me happy too. (=

Update 12/11/2013

Yes, we have gotten the wigs, and there are still a lot of things to be done before we could donate the wigs to our recipients.

Met up with a Serene, Senior Staff Nurse, on Monday to talked about the donation of the wigs and she also shared some other informations which I will be sharing on a later date. I still have a lot to follow up to do before I could finalise the actual date.

Though it has not been announced, but we are now (since June) having a new collection system. More details of the new system and new rules will be announced in weeks to come.

Wigs' photo 2013

For those who have been waiting, here are the photos taken at the wig manufacturer on the collection day (05/11/2013).

Wig Y13-01

Made from hair donated by:

Sponsors: Christina, Myself
Wig Y13-02

Made from hair donated by:
Anonymous - 20/05/13
Hui Ting

Sponsor: The Teo Family
Wig Y13-03

Made from hair donated by:

Sponsor: The Teo Family
Wig Y13-04

Made from hair donated by:
Anonymous - 12/12/12

Sponsor: The Teo Family
Wig Y13-05

Made from hair donated by:
Anonymous - 28/12/12
Wei Lyn
Mei Fong

Sponsor: The Teo Family
Avatar Avatar Avatar
Wig Y13-06

Made from hair donated by:
Anonymous - 20/02/13

Sponsor: The Teo Family

Wigs collected

Here are the preview of the 6 wigs collected today. Almost have to fork out some extra cash for the wigs. But anyway had email donors the photos taken today.

Wigs are ready!

I couldn't wait to share this, so using my last minutes of my lunch hour to post. Yes, the 6 wigs are ready for collection.