I was shocked

Received a ponytail from another hair donor who wish to remain anonymous. Seriously I was shocked when she handed over her ponytail to me. It's not only long, but thick and heavy as well. Her hair is the thickest we have ever received and it measures 16 inches.

Thanks anonymous!

Header's photo

Does this photo of the ponytail looks familiar to you? Yes, it's the same photo that we used for the header.

This is my first attempt in photographing hair, and the reason for taking this ponytail was because Si En, the hair donor, said she found a greater reason to cut her hair. I believed all donors had the same thought when donating their hair.

Just sharing.

Site Update

Since the beginning of this project, we did not have any updates as much as this. Some of you may not notice any changes because I have been updating bit by bit, as and when I have the time.

The most obvious changes made I think would be the photo for the header. I added a photo weeks back to test it out and today, we have replaced it with something new.

Links for Google Plus Page and Facebook Page have been shifted from the bottom of the right side bar to the top, making it more visible and easy access.

The following pages have also been updated;

We have also added a new F.A.Q page as well to answer most of your questions.

13 inches

Received a 13 inches ponytail today from a very young lady who wish to remain anonymous. Thanks Anonymous for donating your hair!!

Donors’ page has been updated.

That extra inch

Today, I collected another ponytail from a hair donor, Elaine. Her hair measures 12 inches. When asked, she said it should be 11 inches because she cut off an extra inch just in case it’s not long enough. It turns out to be 12 inches in the end. Thanks Elaine!

I can shoot

My friend just shared this with me the other day; its an online photography competition.

Organised by National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), this competition aims to create cancer awareness. Theme for this competition is ‘Resilience and Hope’.

Anyone who are interested to find out more, please go to the link given below. But Closing date is this coming Sunday, 11 November 2012, so hurry!


We had our first again

Two names were added to our hair donors list today; they are Si En and Diana.

Si En donated her 15 inches curls (almost 16 inches actually). It doesn’t look that long until it was being pulled straight. Our first curls, and it reminds me of the first 2 wigs we made. Thank you for your time, hope I didn’t hold you up for too long.

Diana is from Mexico; our first hair donor from outside Singapore. Thank you for rushing down to meet me and special thanks to your husband as well. Really appreciate your time and of course your 11 inches of hair.

Donors’ page has been updated.