Miki's Donation

"Miki started to think about donating her hair a while ago when she heard about it and since then she tried to grow her hair as long as possible. She knows how hard it is to lose one's hair through chemotherapy, as her little sister had gone through it 6 years ago when she got leukemia.

Sonya and Fei Ling's Donation

"Sonya loves her long hair and would not cut her hair short. Though I have always trim it to keep it tidy and manageable.

Charlotte's Donation

"My little girl has always dreamt about having long hair like those princesses in the fairy tales, tying little ribbons in-between for a fantasy princess touch.

Shanne's Donation

"There is a Chinese saying 施比受更有福。I felt very proud that I have the ability and capacity to lend others a helping hand. Hope the receiver will feel the joy to receive this blessing."
~ Shanne

Lydia's Donation

"I thought that hair might be one of the big factors that affects one's confidence, as it is so noticeable. So I thought of donating my hair in the hopes that it might help someone feel better about themselves! Especially if they are undergoing treatment."
~ Lydia

Name: Lydia
Length: 15 inches
Date donated: 30/10/2015

Shiao Ling's Donation

"Donated my loyal companion for 4 years in the year of SG50, I feel so proud. I didn't know it'll be 20" until after I cut & measure it.

Phoebe's Donation

"I'm glad that finally I found an agency who accept hair donations in Singapore. And I hope I can make more donations in future before my hair turned grey!"
~ Phoebe

Zhong Hou's Donation

"When I was in high school, one of my batch-mates had a kind of disease and gradually lost her hair in two months time. Although in the end she was cured and her hair had grown back, I still can feel her anxiety and depression at that time.

Henrietta's Second Donation

"I was inspired by a friend of mine to donate my hair, after I learned that she had done it. I was about to send my hair overseas but a Google search led me to discover that Singapore actually has its own hair donation initiative! That was back in 2013.

Edna's second Donation

"Just before I started Primary One in 2013, Mum sent me for a hair cut. I had not cut my hair since I was 3, and Mum wanted me to learn to take care of my own hair. Mum felt that I could do a good deed at the same time by donating my hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients.