About Us

Recycle Your Hair is a small project initiated hoping to bring smile to our local cancer patients or anyone suffering from permanent hair lost, by collecting donated hair and making them into wigs for cancer patients free of charge.

As this is a very very small project that uses my personal saving to pay for the wig, therefore,  the number of wigs made will be limited.

The idea of recycling hair came about in 2010, when I was at a hair shaving event. I always thought that shaved hair was of good use, but it was being swept away despite the name of the event.

I have always wanted to do something to give back to the community; and having so close to having colon cancer in 2010, I told myself, it’s about time. I want to make people happy, I want to do some different other than just donating money.

After doing some research, I realized that there isn't any group, organisation or company in Singapore that handle hair donation. Instead of waiting, I decided to initiate this project alone. My hope is to provide free wig for people who suffered hair loss due to medical condition or treatments and required financial assistance. My wish is to bring back their self-esteem especially those who find it hard to deal with social acceptance.

Recycle Your Hair is the first volunteer group to accept hair donation in Singapore since 2011.

Recycle Your Hair (RYH) is a non-profit project set up to help our local patients. RYH is not affiliated with any government bodies, local cancer support groups or other organisations whatsoever. Any event taking place as part of a religious, political or any other special interest group does not reflect the views or opinions of RYH.