How to donate

We regret to inform you that we have temporarily stopped accepting hair donations until further notice.

Do note that once we start accepting hair donations again, we will only be accepting virgin hair.

If you wish to donate your hair, you might want to cut your hair once we start accepting hair again.

If you have to cut your hair, please refer below for our criteria and cutting procedure.

What's Not accepted

  • Treated hair (coloured, rebonded hair, permed, henna, herbal, etc)

  • Unclean hair (mouldy, dandruff, greasy, unpleasant smell)

  • Unhealthy hair (dry, brittle, damaged)

  • Curly hair

  • Grey hair (1% or more of grey; turning grey)

  • Wet / damp hair / cut when wet or damp

  • Hair not cut in a ponytail / had been re-tied

  • Hair collected off the floor

  • Facial hair (moustache or beard)

  • Dreadlocks, wigs, hair extensions or synthetic hair

What we accept

  • Virgin hair (not treated in any way)

  • Clean, healthy, manageable hair

  • 10 inches (or longer)

  • Layered hair (measured from longest layer)


Please read and understand before proceeding.

As we do not wash or process the hair donated, we seek your cooperation and follow the steps accordingly and ensure that the stylist follows accordingly as well.

Have your stylist assess your hair before you proceed, specially for dry damaged hair.

*For those who do not have the habit of washing their hair regularly, washing your hair right before the cut will not suffice.

RYH will not be responsible if the stylist does not follow according to our steps resulting in your hair being rejected.

  1. Wash thoroughly (at the salon - do not wash overnight or hours before)

  2. Dry completely (dry thoroughly as wet/damp hair promotes the growth of mould and bacteria)

  3. Do not apply water or any hair products after that (including conditional)

  4. Comb your hair

  5. Tie into a ponytail or 2, if you have thick hair. Have 2 rubber bands for each ponytail. Make sure they are tight enough.

    Only use these type of rubber band
    (Click to enlarge)
  6. If your fringe is long intend to have it short, tie and cut the length separately 

  7. Cut an inch above the rubber band so that the rubber band remains on the ponytail to keep the cut hair together

  8. Once cut, do not trim, wash, comb, braid, split, re-tie or play with the ponytails

  9. Place the ponytails in a ziploc bag with your name and contact details on a small piece of paper

Storing your ponytails

Place your ponytails in a resealable airtight bag (ziploc) so that the moisture of the hair can be contained. Place the bag in a drawer or cupboard. Avoid heat, direct sunlight and airconed rooms as these will dry out your hair.

Do not place any drying agent such as silica gel or thirsty hippo; with your hair as these products will not only absorb the moisture of its surrounding, but also dries out the hair.

Contact us only when we start accepting hair donations.

All hair collected is subjected to final acceptance.

Recycle Your Hair (RYH) reserves the right to reject any hair donated without giving any reason. RYH will not be responsible if your hair is rejected.