What you should know

Unlike many organisations overseas that accept hair donation, we do not wash or process the hair we received. Therefore cleanliness of the hair is very important. We will not hesitate to reject any hair deem unsuitable for our wigs.

Other than the cleanliness, other point to take special note of is the direction of the hair.

Hair cuticle - the outer most layer of a human hair, formed from dead cells that overlap like fallen dominoes, the cuticle protects the inside of the hair from damage.

To feel the cuticle, pinch a single long hair between your fingers starting up near the root, run your fingers down to the tip and feel how smooth it is.

Now try running your fingers in the opposite direction. Do you feel a bit of fiction? That is because you are going against the grain.

In short, our hair is directional. Tying your hair before cutting helps to keep it in the same direction. If any strand were caught in the opposite direction, it can entangled the whole wig. So never cut your hair without tying or re-tie your cut ponytail unless you know how to do it the right way.

How much hair is needed for a wig
According to the manufacturer, at least 6 ounces of length 10 inches of non-layered hair is required just for a short wig.

6 ounces is equivalent to 170 grams. Depending on the amount of hair, a 10 inches ponytail (non-layered) has an average weight of around 60 grams. Therefore, at least 3 ponytails (non-layered) or more will be needed for a short wig. If the ponytail is layered, more might be needed to complete a wig.

How selections were made
Texture - This fairly determine how the wig's texture will be like, only with similar texture will be used for a wig.

Length - The style of the wig depends on the length of hair donated. Length of up to 3 inches differences can be use on the same wig. Any hair longer than that will not be used as shortening them would be a waste.

Colour - Only similar coloured hair will be selected for the same wig. A light coloured hair will not be selected to use on a darker wig even if the length matches.

Amount - Apart from the length, the amount of hair is another factor to consider. Let's take a 10 inches layered hair for example; as shorter length of the layered hair cannot be used, the amount of hair usable reduced. Therefore more hair will be needed.

**Please note that donated length may not be the usable length, and usable length will not be the final length of the wig. E.g If usable length is 12 inches, the final length will be around 10 inches.