Some good news

In my previous post, I wrote about my thought of chopping the longest ponytail into two because I thought I could never get something that long. I was wrong.

Last Saturday, 3 donors donated their hair. One of the donors, Karan, donated her 23 inches of hair, making it the second longest hair donated so far. Karan’s daughter also donated her 17 inches lock.

Dawn’s had her 16 inches cut in January, hoping that it could be used for a good cause. Dawn is also the first person from the public who approached me. So far, all the donors were either friends of mine or being approached by me. Really appreciate Jolene for the help in creating the awareness.

We will be making our next wig(s) hopefully soon. I am still waiting for an organisation to get back to me in order to proceed. As usual, donors will be informed once their hair is being used.