3rd wig coming soon

As some of you may have heard that we are currently planning for our third wig, which should be ready before December, if not, early December.

This wig will be a short wig, totally different from the previous two. As for what style it would be, I can’t really tell you right now. The only issue we faced is if we have enough hair for this wig.

Don’t get me wrong, currently we do have enough hair for at least 3 long wigs, but to make our third wig, we required some shorter length. As you can see from the donors’ page, all the hair donated are at least 15 inches long. So we called our vendor for some advice.

After talking to our vendor, the only way out now is to select the correct ponytail(s) and chop it in a way that no hair will be wasted. It’s a tough decision as I don’t really like cutting those hair donated. But if we have to do it, we have to do it.

As for who’s hair will be used and how are we going to chop it, we will announced it at a later date once we have decided. So do look out for more updates in the coming weeks.