Our youngest donor

Edna Tan
Meet Edna Tan, our youngest hair donor, and she donated her locks that measures 17 inches.

When I met up with Brenda, Edna's mum, I wasn't expecting to receive such a length, not to mentioned from such a young donor.

"Edna is 6 years old and will start Primary 1 this year. She has not had a haircut since she was 3 years old, and her hair extended below her waist.

I felt that it was time she learnt to take care of her hair herself, and it would be good to start with shorter hair. Therefore, when we decided to have Edna's hair cut, we Googled for an organisation for her to donate her hair to. Most hair-donation organisations are located in the U.S., so I was very glad to find Recycle Your Hair in Singapore that does this important work.

 The experience has made Edna more aware of the good even something as simple as donating her hair can do. She says that in 3 years' time, when her hair is long enough, she'll want to donate her hair again! :)" - Brenda Tan

Photos courtesy of Brenda (Edna's mother)

Thanks Brenda for donating Edna's hair. I am glad I can, together with all the hair donors, to help others. This project wouldn't be successful without all those who donated their hair.