Ponytails selected

Ponytails have been pre-selected for our fourth wig. They are from; Jillia, +Peixian Chen and Dawn.

Jillia was our pioneer batch of hair donor in Singapore. She donated her hair in July 2011. Measuring 16 inches, her hair was the longest at that time. As we couldn't find any other hair that matches her length, her hair was not selected for our first 2 wigs. We couldn't bear to cut it.

Dawn and +Peixian Chen donated theirs last August. Dawn had hers cut last January hoping that her hair can be of good use. Her hair is one of the few thick ponytails we received.

+Peixian Chen is a friend of mine, who is also my second friend who donated her hair to my cause.

Hopefully, these 3 ponytails are enough for a wig, but to be on a safe side, another ponytail has been selected.

Donors have been informed.