Her story...

Sneha donated her hair in April, and now, she would like to share her story on her donation.

"Last year, my grandmother in India got diagnosed with cancer. I really wanted some way to show my support in helping those suffering with cancer from here. 

I have heard of Hair for Hope but I realized the hair goes to waste there. That's when I found your blog and decided to contribute to your cause. 

Since I have had long hair since primary school, I was looking for a change too. After mustering up the courage to chop off my super thick locks, I am happy to not only support your cause, but sport a new hairstyle after a very long time! I hope others too will be inspired and take this step, at least once in their lives!"
- Sneha

Together with her story, Sneha also attached a few of her photos (below) for us. Thanks again Sneha for you hair donation, story and photos.

All photos courtesy of Sneha