Our profit: smiles

Volunteering for a charity organisation may not be as easy as to offer your help, not to mention when you are setting up one yourself. It’s like setting up your own business just that the profit you will be making isn’t money, but smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries.

Ideas may come easy, but once you have decided on what you wanted to do, you would see that there will be many obstacles awaiting for you before your charity could actually start. And it will be tougher when donations are required.

What should you do to make your donor believe in you? Trust; And I am so glad that our first batch of donors trusted me with their hair, hence our first 2 wigs were made.

When you donated your money or even clothing to an organisation, you would always wanted to make sure that the organisation would not be making use of your donation to earn profit. Therefore, transparency is also very important. I have everything you would need to find out about my cause posted on my site. Donors can verified before making any decision to donate their hair. I am glad that some donors did.

Other than donors, one of the obstacles that you may need to overcome are authorities or some bigger bodies or companies. In my case, no big issue at the moment and I hope there would not be in the future. Just hope to be treated fairly. I would, again, stressed that this project is to have another option for our local cancer patients and to help them stay pretty and not to go against anyone or any events.

Funds. One of the most important thing you would need while doing a charity. I am glad that the wig manufacturer gave me a discount for the wigs I made, and am also pleased to have personal friends to sponsor, if not all, part of the wig. That helps to save money for my future wigs.

Time; another thing you need to factor in. Make sure you try to balance your work, personal life and still have time to do your charity. I know it’s kind of hard, especially when work is concern. I have always been able to meet donors, but due to some unexpected workload I am currently having, I am either totally stressed out to think about meeting donors or have no time at all.

All being said, I hope people will have a clearer picture about my cause. Should you be approached by some other organisation to ask for hair donation, verified their cause. Under no circumstances should donated item (in this case, hair) be used for profit making and unless they misused the word ‘donate’.

I would like to thank our first batch of donor in 2011; Joanna, Grace, Ween Sze, Jillia, Sharon and Josephine for trusting their hair with me. Josephine made her decision not to sell her hair but to donate for my cause. Thanks everyone.

Not forgetting my friend, Fiona. She was not only the first donor to cut her hair for my cause but also the first donor to have donated her hair twice. Thanks again Fiona.


Recycle Your Hair (RYH) is a non-profit project set up to help our local cancer patients. RYH is not affiliated with any government bodies, local cancer support groups or other organisations whatsoever. Any event taking place as part of a religious, political or any other special interest group does not reflect the views or opinions of RYH.