Another 22 inches

She is Prajwala, and this is her story.

"Since the time I was a young girl, I have always been a huge fan of long hair. In fact, I used to love long tresses so much that I had never ever stepped into a salon or let a pair of scissors come near my hair. However, recently, I made one of my most life-changing decisions. I said yes to cutting my hair because as a third year medical student, I had to start going to the hospital everyday and I thought that shorter hair would be in the best interests of infection control.

To cut or not to cut was definitely something that I deliberated upon for a very long time. But once I had made up my mind, I was one hundred per cent sure that I wanted to donate my hair to Recycle Your Hair. My motivation to donate to make wigs for cancer patients stems from the fact that I am a Breast Cancer Foundation volunteer, and as such, I have learnt how valuable a wig can be in boosting the self-esteem of a patient going through treatment.     

In going from a thigh-length cascade of hair to a short bob, I discovered the most meaningful way of commemorating my haircut. I hope I have made a difference in the life of a cancer patient, and I hope many others will too!"
- Prajwala

Prajwala's 22 inches
Photos courtesy of Prajwala

Date donated: 3rd August