Donation: 28th July

I have not been posting any post on donors for quite a while, so I shall begin with 3 shavees who donated their hair on 28 July.

The first shavee to donate her locks on that day is Ruth, her hair measures 16 inches.

Edited 14 Aug 2013:
After a year of thinking, Ruth decided to shave because she know a lot of people suffering from cancer, a few of them are girls around her age.

"I just wanted to show support and that they are still beautiful without hair. I thought it would be meaningful to do it as I have had long hair for practically my whole life, and if I could shave it off, it could encourage them."
(Photo courtesy of Ruth)

Ruth's ponytail
This is Teresa, her before and after shaved.
(Photo courtesy of Teresa)
Teresa's ponytails measure 12 inches
These ponytails belongs to Mary, Teresa's friend. She was referred by Teresa. Mary's ponytails measure 19 inches

Thanks all for donating your hair!