In memory of her mother

Yashodra's mum lost her battle with cancer when Yashodra was about to turn 4. And ever since, Yashodra has always been wanting to do something in memory of her mum.

"To many of us, our hair has always been our identity. Females are idealised to have long hair and males, to have short hair. I wanted to show cancer patients that its okay to be bald and that being bald does not belittle us. Hair does not define how beautiful we look. You can be bald and still be the 8th wonder of the world, breath taking and beautiful."
- Yashodra

On donating her hair, Yashodra said that she just wanted to make a change in someone else's life. It's better to donate instead of throwing it away. Her hair measures 21 inches

(Photos courtesy of Yashodra)

Date donated: 15th August