May & Carine

May and Carine are sisters, and both had cut off their long hair together for a good cause at the same time.

This is May, and her before and after hair cut photo. May has been doing a lot of volunteering work helping people, and since she had long hair, she decided to donate her hair to help more people. Her search brought her to my blog.

(Photo courtesy of May)

May's ponytails measure 15 inches.

Coincidentally, May's sister Carine, found out about my cause through a Facebook post by her friend Brenda and decide to do the same as well. Brenda is the mother of our youngest donor, Edna, who donated her hair beginning of this year.

I took this closed up shot of Carine's ponytail to show how her ponytail was tied. At least 5 rubber bands were used to secure the hair together. Nice job!

Carine's ponytail measures 17 inches.

Date donated: 13th August