The selfless cut

6-year-old Xiao Yuan will be attending Primary 1 next year. Her mother, Stephanie, said that Xiao Yuan is still not able to manage her long hair by herself, and encouraged her to go short as it might help others.

10 inches is what it takes to donate. But Xiao Yuan's hair is too short for donation, but at least Stephanie knows the that her daughter is willing to let go for charity and helping people in need. What a selfless girl!

Xiao Yuan said that it is okay that her hair was not able to help this time round, but it will grow back and when it's long enough to donate, she will cut it and let it grow again.

Thank you Stephanie for contacting us and sharing your daughter's story.

Xiao Yuan with her long hair

Xiao Yuan looking at her ponytail

Xiao Yuan's ponytail

Xiao Yuan showing us her heart (love)

Lastly, a big thank you to everyone from Xiao Yuan

Photos and video courtesy of Stephanie