Looking back, 2013

2013 had been quite a challenging year since this project started in 2011. Looking back, here are the things we have been through...

To Cheer or Sigh about

Wig manufacturer
After about 6 months of rest, the wig manufacturer finally started their operation again in August after their shifting of location. Because of that, we have been questioned by people asking us why are we not making wigs... The cost of wig has also increased.

First video
Thanks to Ryan of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC http://www.youtube.com/alozerk), we managed to make our first official video. Not forgetting Letitia and her parents for the full support. Steven from SJK Paradise (salon) for sponsoring the venue. Rene and Stef for their the music (http://www.youtube.com/user/reneandstef)

Shavees’ donations
We have a total of twelve shavees who donated their hair to us; five of them were contacted by us and the rest were either referred by their friend or found about our cause themselves. Last year the organiser only allows shavees to tie a maximum of two ponytails, hence great amount of hair was wasted.

Overseas donors
We started to receive hair donations from oversea donors. We are glad and honored to receive their donations.

Mass donation
We have been approached by two parties/organisations regarding mass hair donations to us, but only one managed to do so. 18 ponytails were received from a school in Batu Pahat, Malaysia.

We have 2 official volunteers and had our first official meeting in October. One of the volunteers is a donor herself.

Thanks to the GST voucher issued by our government, we had set aside a small portion of it for our future wigs.

We have made 7 wigs in 2013, and will be donating 6 of them to to NCCS on the 11 January, 2014. The seventh wig is a specially requested wig. More details are embargoed till further date.

A big sponsor had sponsored 5 of the 7 wigs we made. Hope to get more sponsors this year.

False claim
A very recent incident which almost left us in jeopardy. You have the right to post or say whatever you want, but please be responsible. It might be just hair to you, but if it’s a donation, it’s a donation. We are glad we have somehow settled this without having to take any legal action.

That's almost about it for 2013. We wish everybody a happy 2014 ahead!