April Fools' joke?

These 2 ponytails were received on the 1st of April, and never did we expect to receive so much surprises.

Cut 7 years ago, the rubber band had disintegrated. We thought we could take it as a broken rubber band and save it, but it's more than what we expected.

Since the ponytail was kept in the shape of '8', the rubber band not only stick to the surface of what you see here, but also on the hair at the bottom as well. Too complicated to salvage this ponytail.

First it was the smell as we open up the ziploc bag, then came the amount of grey this ponytail has.

We are not so worried about the number of grey as it's still manageable, but there is no way we could accept it with the smell.

Unlike other organisations, ponytails we received will be used directly and will not be washed or processed, therefore we would not be able to use ponytails that smell.

We will be returning these 2 ponytails to their owner. If donors do not wish their ponytail returned, kindly follow the instructions given. It helps us to save cost as well.