Wigs for 2014 - Update 14/04/2014

Rushed to the wig maker during lunch hour to send in these ponytails.

Three wigs will be made this round, using hair from 11 donors. The photo on the left shows the ponytails in bundle, placed nicely by the lady for us to take photos. How nice of her.

Looking at the list of donors below, you will noticed that the third wig consisted of only 2 donors. This is because one of the donor's hair is so thick that we just need to have another donors' with thick hair and we are ready to go.

Faith has relatively thick hair as well, and she is one of the Hair for Hope shavees who shaved her head and donated her hair back in 2012.

Wig Y14-01
From top:
Anonymous - Anon12-01
Wig Y14-02
From top:
Keyan (2 ponytails)
Jaslyn (2 ponytails)

Wig Y14-03
From top:
Jade Faith (3 ponytails)
Anonymous - Anon12-02