Wig no. 2 delivered

Weeks ago, we received an email from someone, requesting a wig for her friend who is currently undergoing her chemotherapy.

After the viewing from the last hair donor yesterday, we had the wig delivered to our recipient.

The recipient had selected wig Y14-02. This wig was made from hair donated by Henrietta, Keyan, Jaslyn, Jeanne and Lily. And was sponsored by Jeanne's sister and niece, Letitia (model in our video).

Prior to her chemotherapy, our recipient also shaved and donated 14 inches of her hair to our cause (Anon14-02).

We at RYH wish our recipient a speedy recovery. Stay strong. Fighting!

** Our recipient and her friend was mentioned (second last paragraph) in the article published in The Straits Times - http://recycleyourhair.blogspot.com/2014/06/have-you-read-it-yet.html