Cynthia's Donation

Photo courtesy of Cynthia
"I decided to cut my hair as I had put myself on a self-imposed 100 day zero waste challenge for environmental reasons.

Considering how to reduce waste from shampoo and conditioner packaging, I decided to reduce the amount of product I needed by reducing the length of hair I had to wash and condition, hence the decision to cut my hair short.  

Once I had made that decision, I had to decide what to do with the hair I'd cut off.  My options were either to compost it in a compost bin or to donate it to an organisation that makes wigs for people who needed/wanted it.  

At that time I did not know that you had started a Singapore-based Recycle Your Hair programme, and only knew about the US-based organisations that were mired in controversy.  When I stumbled upon your blog, the decision became clear to me that the ethical and useful thing to do would be to contribute to Recycle Your Hair."

Name: Cynthia
Length: 14 inches
Date donated: 03/07/2014