Last year, some shavees were caught by surprise by the organiser's restriction on multiple ponytails. Hence, a couple of the shavees were not able to donate their hair due to this restriction.

Having multiple ponytails when shaving is essential as it maximise the length and minimise the amount of hair wastage. This is important especially for those who wish to donate their hair and have just about the minimum length required.

However, shavees from satellite events were not affected by this restriction. Bao Yi (Left) was one of the shavees last year with hair just touching her shoulder. She donated with the maximum length of 12 inches. If she was allowed only to have 2 ponytails, her ponytails would be heavily layered and may not even be long enough for donation.

This year, the restriction remained. Shavee who wrote in to ask about having multiple ponytails were directed to the satellite events year. Therefore, we encouraged shavees who are planning to have multiple ponytails this coming main event, to cut off their ponytails before going up to the stage to shave.