Students' workshop

From left: Kamilah, Jia Wen and Wai Yi
We are very honoured to be invited to share, with some students from Innova Primary School, on what we do.

When we received an email request from Roselyn, asking if her daughter, Wai Yi, could start a cause with her friend to promote this project among their school's mate, we were delighted. This marks another milestone for this cause.

During the one week school holiday, we conducted a little workshop and a factory visit for these students. They will then be making posters and presentation in their neighbouring schools and salons to help increase the awareness.

Here are some of the photos taken during the workshop.

Do you know that we can tell if your ponytail was cut when it was wet?

Our volunteer, Sann, showing the students how to tie multiple ponytails
Jia Wen tying Wai Yi's hair
Kamilah helping Jia Wen with Wai Yi's hair
Which is better?
Wai Yi 'tying' a marker before trying out on a real ponytail
After trying out with a marker, now it the real hair
Photos from the factory visit.

Listening to the aunties at the factory
Aunty showing how hackling was done
Jia Wen taking down note
Not a wig for 'botak', but how it looks like below those stitches
Sewing strands of hair together.

We would like to thank Mr Ho and his staffs at Singapura Hair Wigs Co Pte Ltd for hosting this factory visit for our students.

Not forgetting our volunteers; Wee Hua and Sann for your time to help and advise. And also Denise for helping with the collection of unusable ponytails from salons.