Wigs Update 09/10/2014

These ponytails were sent to the wig maker on Tuesday for our next wigs. Two wigs will be made and both were sponsored by hair donors themselves.

Together with donors Yu Thi and Meryl, we have another visit to the wig maker. Hope the trip was a fruitful one for them. The 2 wigs should be ready by the second week of November.

Wig Y14-04 (sponsored by: Yu Thi)
From top:
Batu Pahat ponytail 01
Janet (2 ponytails)
Chye Hoon (2 ponytails)
Yu Thi
Batu Pahat ponytail 07
Su Thi

Wig Y14-05 (sponsored by: Meryl)
From top:
Batu Pahat ponytail 02
Meryl (15 ponytails)
Wan Lu (4 ponytails)