Mei Chin's Donation

"I was planning to go for my regular 3 to 4 inches hair cut when I saw a news article in The Straits Times about donating hair.

Prior to that I have only heard of Hair for Hope of which one of its aims is to tell children that it is ok to be bald, which I had always supported. It had never occurred  to me that there are other cancer patients that may have been more comfortable wearing a wig instead, for their personal reason.  

I haven't had short hair since I was a teenager, even my husband hasn't see me with short hair. I decided to take the plunge anyway to donate and cut my hair as short as possible. Hopefully the hair will bring comfort to someone, just as it had for me."
~Mei Chin

Name: Mei Chin
Length: 14 inches
Date donated: 24/09/2014